Possible Applications

What are Multi-Twist Retarders?

A Multi-Twist Retarder (MTR) is a waveplate-like retardation film that offers precise and customized levels of broadband, narrowband or multiple band retardation in a single thin film.

Our MTRs are Pattern-able, Super-Achromatic, and Low Cost!

How It Works

Through our proprietary design methodologies, we can customize MTRs to achieve precise retardation at select wavelengths or select bands, or even multiple bands in a single film.

Technology Comparison

Traditional RetarderImagineOptix Retarder
Retardation Values¼λ, ½λ ¼λ, ½λ, Fractional
PatterningNoneMultiple Domains (any pattern)
Color FilterNoneChromatic
WavelengthNarrow, AchromaticNarrow, Achromatic, Super-Achromatic (400-4000nm)
Thickness100um-3mm 2-4 µm
LayersMultiple Layers/Plates 1-3 Layers of Films

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Additional Applications for Multi-Twist Retarders

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