Automative applications require creative solutions given the imposed size limitations. ImagineOptix’s technology overcomes these limitations with the thinest and lightest optics components available today. Utilizing this technology means more precise lighting distribution and efficiency in automative lighting applications. This is very important since power resources are limited in automative applications.

Example applications:

  • Heads-up Displays
  • Interior Lighting
  • Instrument Panels and Gauges
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Aesthetic Lighting
  • Mandated Lighting Requirements

Our optics lead the market in extraordinary light efficiency at a very low cost

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Some Questions to Consider

These are typical questions we like to ask when engaging you as a customer to help best assess and understand your needs and challenges.

  • What are the key issues with your current solution?
  • Describe the major optical challenges you are facing. Is it low efficiency? Is there a unique polarization? a difficult phase profile to work with? or something else?
  • Are there specific technology features (i.e., diffraction, polarization, retardation, wavefront, focus, opto-electronics, other) that you are interested in?
  • What are the characteristics of the light source you need to work with (i.e., polarization, bandwidth, collimation, intensity, coherence)?
  • What are the desired characteristics of the light at the output of the system?
  • Are there any specific tests, experiments, or prototypes that would best validate a solution for your problem?
  • What is the timeframe within which you need a demonstrated solution?
  • Are there any unique or challenging form factor requirements? Thickness requirements? Large active area requirements?