Multi-Twist Retarders

What are Multi-Twist Retarders?

A Multi-Twist Retarder (MTR) is a waveplate-like retardation film that offers precise and customized levels of broadband, narrowband or multiple band retardation in a single thin film.

Our MTRs are Pattern-able, Super-Achromatic, and Low Cost!

How It Works

Through our proprietary design methodologies, we can customize MTRs to achieve precise retardation at select wavelengths or select bands, or even multiple bands in a single film.

Traditional Retarder

  • ¼λ, ½λ Retardation Values
  • No Patterning
  • No Color Filter
  • Narrow, Achromatic Wavelength
  • 100um-3mm Thickness
  • Multiple Layers/Plates

ImagineOptix Optic

  • ¼λ, ½λ, Fractional Retardation Values
  • Multiple Domains (any pattern)
  • Chromatic Color Filter
  • Narrow, Achromatic, Super-Achromatic (400-4000nm) Wavelength
  • 2-4 µm Thickness
  • 1-3 Layers of Films

Technical Details


  • Retardation Bands: fully customizable between 400-4000nm
  • Typical Achromatic Retardation (2TR): 90° ±#° or 180° ±#° for 450-650nm
  • Typical Super-Achromatic Retardation (3TR): 90° ±#° or 180° ±#° for 400-800nm or 500-900nm
  • Typical Precision Retardation: 180° ±#° for 720-880nm
  • Typical Chromatic Retardation: 1.~180° (510-540nm) and ~0° (630-650nm, 445-460nm); or 2.~180° (1-4 µm) and ~0° (500-900nm);
  • Patterned/louvered domains: nearly any pattern, with resolution down to <5 µm
  • Size: up to 120 x 120mm sq; round or arbitrary cut samples are custom


  • Due to their simple fabrication and many degrees of design freedom, MTRs are ideal for:
  • Patterned Retardation (louvers or other patterns)
  • Wide Achromaticity
  • Precision, Low-variation Retardation
  • Single Film, Highly Chromatic Retardation
  • Wide Viewing Angle Retardation
  • Additional Information

    The self-alignment of the birefringent layers enables MTRs to greatly exceed the precision, repeatability, and design flexibility of traditional stacked wave-plates. We enjoy the challenge of tailoring our technology to new applications. If you have a unique optical challenge that doesn’t exactly fit our typical specifications, we encourage you to contact us to explore what is possible.

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